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    1/7 SECURE YOUR FUTURE YOUR EDUCATION AND DREAMS SHOULD NEVER HAVE LIMITS CHOOSE WHERE YOU WANT TO STUDY REGISTER NOW Anchor 1 Live And Study Abroad 1/1 Educational/ career counseling services University Selection/ admission Entry Exams preparations Securing scholarships Entry Visa Guidance Pre- depature briefing University exhibition and fairs Read more... Community WHAT PEOPLE SAY ABOUT US Northumbria University 1/23 Contact CONTACT US GENERAL ​ UGANDA 1st Floor, Kagga House, Bugolobi, Kampala, Uganda TEL: (+256) 789-726-721 / 702-579-982 | ​ KENYA ADDRESS: 2nd Floor, Crescent Business Centre, Parklands, Nairobi, Kenya TEL: (+254) 712-667-792 / 112-272-343 | kenya@ studylinkgroupint .com RWANDA ADDRESS: 14th Floor, Kigali City Tower, Kigali, Rwanda TEL: (+250) 784-507-183 / 788-180-159 | rwanda@ studylinkgroupint .com

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    Africa Asia Australia Europe North America Australia and New Zealand Australia ​ Australia is an island continent of approximately 7.7 million square kilometres, making it the sixth-largest country in the world. Located between the Indian Ocean and the South Pacific Ocean, it is the oldest, lowest (apart from Antarctica), and driest continent. Australia is mostly flat, but has some notable mountains and long beaches. Canberra is the capital. ​ Australia's living conditions are generally quite good. Australia consistently ranks in the top five when it comes to quality of life. Housing and accommodation is of good quality, public transport is available, food and water are high quality, and many public amenities are accessible. Students can experience a wide range of leisure and sporting activities, and can expect low crime rates and a safe environment. The average tuition fee for one year of university is $33,400 AUD (based on 2016 information). Students will require roughly $20,000 AUD per yea r for living costs outside of tuition. ​ Post-secondary education comprises two sectors: vocational/technical education and higher education. Australia’s vocational education and training (VET) sector must meet the nationally agreed standards of the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF). In 2016, 554,179 international students were enrolled in Australia, with 4 in 10 of these students in higher education, 26% in VET (vocational education and training), and 21% in English-language training programmes. There are 43 Australian universities, and many other recognised higher education institutions, located in capital cities and many regional centres. Australian courses are of very high quality and recognised worldwide by employers and other institutions. ​ ​ ..... ​ New Zealand ​ New Zealand is an island country situated about 2,000 km (1250 miles) southeast of Australia, with a total area of 268,680 square kilometres, is comparable in size to Great Britain, Japan, or Colorado. Its closest neighbours to the north are New Caledonia, Fiji, and Tonga. Its capital city is Wellington, the southernmost national capital in the world. ​ Living conditions in New Zealand are very good due to its thriving economy, low crime rate, and relative lack of congestion and poverty. The cost of living, including accommodation, in New Zealand is often more reasonable than that found in many parts of Asia, Europe, and North America. The government is active in supporting immigration, which includes helping people find good homes and suitable living conditions for their budgets. ​ New Zealand recorded that 117,248 international students from more than 170 countries studied in New Zealand in 2018. ​ The New Zealand higher education system includes universities, private institutions, colleges, and polytechnics. Post-secondary education is regulated by the New Zealand Qualifications Authority (NZQA). ​ As well as eight state-owned education providers, there are hundreds of private training establishments (PTEs)in New Zealand including quality English-language providers. They offer a wide variety of courses that lead to qualifications in a large range of vocations from scuba diving to hospitality to business. ​ Bachelor's: "Fees range from about $22,000 to $32,000 , with higher fees for subjects such as medicine and veterinary science. Many bachelor’s degrees can be completed in three years." Postgraduate: "Fees range from about $26,000 to $37,000 , with higher fees for subjects such as medicine and veterinary science." PhDs: "International PhD students pay the same as New Zealand PhD students, which is about $6,500 to $9,000 per year for most subjects." ​ Most New Zealanders are generally friendly, helpful, and fair-minded. New Zealand is a popular destination because English is the medium of instruction and a lot of our universities, polytechnics, and degrees are internationally recognized. ​ ..... ​ ​ ​ Contact us for more information ​ Click here to Apply

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    Our Services Educational Guidance Counseling Service As Study Link Group Int. (SLGI) We understand that times are changing and so is the employment world. Our education counselors are informed and trained advisers to guide students on to their career path according to the current job demand, personal interest while emphasizing the applicability of the skills attained. For students coming from high school, making career choices is always a difficult task. As such, career counseling is very important for students planning to join any institution of higher learning. ​ University selection and Admission Guidance ​ We represent over 600 universities worldwide. Every student has the ability to fit in a particular university depending on his or her personal, academic, and financial capabilities in selecting the universities that best suit them. W e carefully go through the application giving recommendations on the important things that one should do so that the application is well presented and free of errors. Many Universities consider our recommendations when admitting students. ​ Securing scholarships ​ Some students could have excellent academic qualifications but they are financially incapacitated to sponsor themselves. At SLGI, we help secure scholarships for such students to pursue their educational goals regardless of their finances. Available scholarships throughout the year from partner universities are between 15%-100% ​ Entry Visa Guidance ​ SLGI offers visa application services and advice to students and other clients To study overseas, one of the first things that one needs to do in the process of preparation. We understand that this is one of th complicated and time-consuming processes. Our SLGI team is trained and always updated with the latest information and procedure to enable a successful visa application process. Entry Exams ​ SLGI offers English test preparation classes for students seeking to study abroad. IELTS is one of the leading tests of English required. University Exhibitions in East Africa ​ Most of the universities that the company represents are based in Europe, America, and Australia. Many students may not have much knowledge about such institutions. Therefore, we take it as our responsibility to market those universities by holding exhibitions all over the East African region and schools. ​ Pre-departure briefing ​ SLGI ensures all students have reached their travel destination without any difficulties. we work with the school to ensure all arrangements for an arrival pick up, accommodation, and the international office in charge has made arrangements for the students. we also go ahead to prep the students on documents, necessities needed like clothes for the right weather, cash to carry on transit, what is expected of them during transit, and immigration office on arrival. ​ ​ ​ ​ REGISTER NOW

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    Who we are ​ Study Link Group Int. (SLGI) is associated with three agencies Study Link Uganda and Study Link Rwanda and Edupedia Kenya. We are an international agency representing over 600 Education institutions around the world assisting young and continuing graduates with University, College, and high school placements. Providing support from career guidance to visa applications as well as immigration consultancy services. We are a client-focused and result-driven education agency that believes in putting the interests of the clients first and working under the guidance of our values and professional ethics that provides a wide range of services to students seeking to study abroad at a fair budget. ​ ​ Our Vision ​ To build an education agency brand that will become the number one choice for both individual and corporate clients in the whole of East Africa. Our vision reflects our values: integrity, service, excellence, and teamwork. ​ ​ Our Mission ​ To position, SLGI. to become the leading brands in the educational support services industry in the whole of East Africa, and also to be among the top education agency brands in Africa.

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    Entry Visa Guidance To study oversees, one of the first things that one needs to do in the process of preparation is applying for a visa.Without proper guidance, one could end up wasting a lot of time and being overwhelmed. Study Link Uganda takes charge. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT NOW

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    Language Tutoring The opportunity to learn another language is one of the most important achievements in a student’s career. It is not only a major part of attaining the best score as a requirement for college, but it also opens doors for their professional and personal lives. The world is growing more connected and communication is getting diverse, the linguistics benefit from this great change as fluency and literacy in other languages is increasing in demand. Study Link Uganda partners with qualified language tutors offering classes in languages like Swahili, French, English, Chinese, and German. From writing, speaking, listening and reading. The lessons are offered on a classroom basis, but we also tailor-make programs for people with tight schedules. We pair the tutor handpicked to fit their personality, learning styles and academic through agreeable terms to learn on a one-on-one basis in the comfort of your home. Besides general language tutoring, we also prep- our students for the college/university entry exams. Likes SAT, IETLS, TOEFL, GMAT, GRE BOOK AN APPOINTMENT NOW

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    WHAT PEOPLE SAY Tania Uwera Student in Poland I never imagined to reach my dreams because I always saw the limits getting higher and higher but I can now proudly say that I'm living those dreams Ange Umwiza Student in Canada "Trustworthy, Efficient, Effective" those are the words I can use to describe Studylink group because how they helped me get to the university of my dreams. Michael Karuiki Student in United Kingdom Being able to go out, learn, grow and come back to be part of my country's growth is a goal made easy by the counselors at Studylink Group Douglas Mukasa Student in Mauritius The opportunities I received from my university are exceptional. Studylink services are very professional from the start to the end. Uwayo Jean Pierre Student in Cyprus After multiple tries to study abroad, it almost seemed like it was never my destiny to achieve those dreams but I can now say that I am a proud student who is reaching his dreams, all thanks to Studylink Group Int. Keith Amani Student in Poland I never thought I would be able to get accepted and on top of it all Get a scholarship to study abroad but Studylink made those two, some of my greatest achievements and here I am traveling this Sunday. All Videos Play Video Play Video Student Testmonial Always ready to serve. Play Video Play Video Testimonial - Stella Uwase (Rwanda) Stella Uwase a Student from Rwanda studying at the University of economics and Human science Play Video Play Video Peter Mukisa - Uganda Peter Mukisa studying IFP at Middlesex University Dubai Play Video Play Video Musabwa Moses Musabwa Moses studying Management (BA) at the University of Economics and Human Sciences (AEH)

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    Career Counseling For students coming from high school, making career choices is always a difficult task. As such, career counseling is very important for students planning to join any institution of higher learning. BOOK AN APPOINTMENT NOW

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