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Our Services
  • Educational Guidance Counseling Service  


As Study Link Group Int. (SLGI) We understand that times are changing and so is the employment world. Our education counselors are informed and trained advisers to guide students on to their career path according to the current job demand, personal interest while emphasizing the applicability of the skills attained.


For students coming from high school, making career choices is always a difficult task. As such, career counseling is very important for students planning to join any institution of higher learning.

  • University selection and Admission Guidance

We represent over 600 universities worldwide. Every student has the ability to fit in a particular university depending on his or her personal, academic, and financial capabilities in selecting the universities that best suit them.

We carefully go through the application giving recommendations on the important things that one should do so that the application is well presented and free of errors. Many Universities consider our recommendations when admitting students.


  • Securing scholarships

Some students could have excellent academic qualifications but they are financially incapacitated to sponsor themselves. At SLGI, we help secure scholarships for such students to pursue their educational goals regardless of their finances. Available scholarships throughout the year from partner universities are between 15%-100%

  • Entry Visa Guidance

SLGI offers visa application services and advice to students and other clients To study overseas, one of the first things that one needs to do in the process of preparation. We understand that this is one of th complicated and time-consuming processes. Our SLGI team is trained and always updated with the latest information and procedure to enable a successful visa application process.


  • Entry Exams

SLGI offers English test preparation classes for students seeking to study abroad. IELTS is one of the leading tests of English required.


  • University Exhibitions in East Africa

Most of the universities that the company represents are based in Europe, America, and Australia. Many students may not have much knowledge about such institutions. Therefore, we take it as our responsibility to market those universities by holding exhibitions all over the East African region and schools.

  • Pre-departure briefing

SLGI ensures all students have reached their travel destination without any difficulties. we work with the school to ensure all arrangements for an arrival pick up, accommodation, and the international office in charge has made arrangements for the students. we also go ahead to prep the students on documents, necessities needed like clothes for the right weather, cash to carry on transit, what is expected of them during transit, and immigration office on arrival.


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